– Anti-Pollution Riot –

Berlin, Floating University, April 2021

Project by Benjamin Frick et Maddalena Pornaro

Partner : Kids Uni / Floating University

As a matter of fact, the « Floating University » water basin suffers from pollution, gathering the rainwater, and everything that comes with it, from the Tempelhof airfield and from the Columbiadamm.One of the big challenges that the Floating University Berlin project has been developing since 2018, is the partial filtering of the water and decontamination of the soil. Decontaminating soil and water is a long process, but possible.Along with the philosophy and actions of the Floating University, we would like to test this process in a playful, symbolic and performative way, mixing disciplines and actors.The KidsUni is the best place to experiment and play, and through this project want to raise awareness about ecological topics while having fun together!

STEP 1: Gathering local seeds and creating seed bombs
Seed bombs are a great way to propagate seeds, especially on a large scale or in poor soils. Using richer soil balls gives the seeds a head start.At first we soaked the seeds in water with compost tea. Then, with clay type soil and compost we formed small balls and marked them depending on the type of seed we put inside. The seed bomb production now needs to dry (about 24 hours), while we will build the catapult.

STEP 2: Building the catapult
In ancient times, catapults were used to fight against other humans and destroy walls and buildings.
But we could use this weapon to fight a more current threat: pollution. Multiple versions that are more or less sophisticated are existing and we will build them together with kids using low-tech, artisanal and DIY skills, with the material and possibilities we have on site.

STEP 3: Signal to attack
We inaugurated our catapult and took turns, spreading the seeds around the bassin in the areas we think the plants have the most chance to grow.
A map documents the spreading of the seeds.

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