Stuttgart, 2021 – in progress

Project by Benjamin Frick & Julien Fargetton

Partner : Current Festival 2021

Fühlerskop is a device for field recording and urban exploration. Different input apparatus enable access to the spheres of vibration, magnetic waves and movements.
Soundscapes come to life thanks to the interaction between the musician/performer and its surrounding. The textures and structures of surfaces become only audible once you travel along them. Magnetic waves can be found and followed despite their immateriality that becomes sensible. The other part of the composition is your own movement, speed, pressure and reiteration, exploring materials and space.

Invisible or neglected elements become a playground. Forgotten spaces from daily life become the center of our attention. From our habit of hasty consuming the big picture, we slow down and investigate the micro-scaled sounds. Cracks become cleavages and tiny gravels pushed around express themselves through hurtful grinding screams, while cash dispenser, electric scooters and magnetic strip reader radiate relaxing meditation fields.
Fühlerskop is an invitation to explore the already known!

Here is the sound from the vinyl record from the Fühlerskop. You can also pre-order it by writing an e-mail to info@artpublicspace.de (20€)

Please listen with proper headphones or stereo loudspeakers.

For more details on the festival, please click here.

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